Employee Center

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Guardian Angel’s Employee Center!! We are pleased that you are apart of our team and want you to know you are an important part of our Agency. Guardian Angel Staffing Agency, Inc., strives to employ only the most competent professional staff.
This Employee Center and your employee handbook you were provided were designed to acquaint you with Guardian Angel Staffing Agency, Inc., and to provide you with information on important personnel policies and procedures associated with your employment.
While this Employee Center and your employee handbook explain important issues that affect you on the job, they cannot anticipate every circumstance or answer every question about our Agency. Therefore, it is the employee’s responsibility to seek the correct answer through Guardian Angel’s Administration (President and/or Director of Nursing).
Whenever you have a question or are unsure of an Agency/Facility policy on a certain subject you are encouraged to discuss the matter with your appropriate Agency/Facility representative. From time to time, Guardian Angel Staffing may change the Agency policy. When this occurs, you will be advised of the change and expected to comply with the change.
It is our wish that you enjoy your work and that your stay with us will be a long and rewarding one. We will strive to make working conditions pleasant and to treat you as an individual with fairness and respect.
We would like to THANK ALL OF OUR EMPLOYEE’S for continually making Guardian Angel Staffing Agency, Inc., the NUMBER 1 healthcare provider in QUALITY CARE.